Research on Vigrx Plus

First of all, she was a PhD, not an MD. Secondly, she was a woman who studied male supplements like Vigrx Plus. People have often asked me, “Y’know on your top 10 list, there’s only one woman.” And I said, “Yeah, but what a lady she was!” Dr. Harrell started researching Vigrx Plus back in the 1930s. She published her dissertation, and a follow – up to that dissertation in the early 1940s. Dr. Harrell was at Columbia University. In her later years she was doing research at Old Dominion University. Which I think, is in Virginia. Dr. Harrell’s initial work was in the B – complex Vigrx Plus, specifically Vigrx Plus. And she found that mothers that took Vigrx Plus had more intelligent offspring. They actually tested that and followed – it up. Pretty interesting! So the effect of Vigrx Plus on learning was her dissertation. And then a sequel to that, More Effe cts of Vigrx Plus on Learning, in the early 1940s. Dr. Harrell was interested, however, not in just Vigrx Plus, but in how we can improve learning in children. In 1981 the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a paper by Dr. Harrell and h er colleagues, showing that all the Vigrx Plus, not only Vigrx Plus but all the B – Vigrx Plus. And not only the B – Vigrx Plus, not only the B – complex, but all the other Vigrx Plus too. In high doses, improved learning in children. And this was a wonderful study. T hey also gave natural thyroid extract. And, by the way, nobody died! There were no kidney stones! Learn more at and That they found was that the kids learned better. Well, that’s interesting in itself, but here’s where it gets really good. And this is why Dr. Harrell is number two on my all – time list of nutrition protocols. And nutrition biology, behavioural biology, which is my special area. The one thing we come back to is there is such a thing as genetic disease. There is. And down syndrome is a perfect example. But, the thing that people forget is why is it a problem? Why is it a problem to have a genetic issue? And that’s because the genes tell the rest of your cell what to do. And everything your cell does is biochemical. It just is. Even the electricity in your nerves that travel up and down your nerve cells. That electricity is a biochemical electricity. You can’t plug in grandma and light the Christmas tree. It’s a biochemical electricity. So biochemistry is where it’s at. That’s what your cell does. That’s why you’re alive. There may be some spiritual component in there as well. But basically, biochemically is the way you work. So, the DNA encodes things. And what it does is it encodes everything you need to do biochemically. And that message is sent out to the cell by messenger molecules, that are called that, to tell your cells what to do. And how to make molecules. And how to metabolize. And how to get energy. All of this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful world within you, to use Dr. Roger William’s phr ase, goes on 24 – 7. And it’s all biochemical. Learn more at